Shadows of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game for 1-4 heroes

Created by Tristan Hall

RPG-based adventure card game of gothic high fantasy for 1-4 heroes, and sequel to the award winning Gloom of Kilforth by Tristan Hall

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Hall or Nothing at Stand E10, Airecon 2020 + Asia fulfilment commences!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 03:21:54 AM

Hi guys,

Just a quick message to let you know that:

a). VFI have confirmed receipt of their delivery and Asia shipping will commence this week! :)


b). We managed to wrangle a stand at Airecon after all, so we'll be there in Harrogate this weekend showing off our fancy new copies of Shadows of Kilforth and Gloom of Kilforth (with limited stock available to buy) as well as 1565, St. Elmo's Pay, and maybe even Veilwraith too!

And here's Francesca and me having a good old chinwag with the lovely Airecon organiser Mark Cooke about the show and our games:

Hope to see you there for a Vulcan salute or air high five!!

Tristan and Francesca xx

Shadows of Kilforth, March 2020 - Fulfilment Underway!
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Mar 03, 2020 at 01:55:10 AM

Howdy Partner,

Might I say that you are lookin' mighty fine today - now go and grab yourself a nice hot cup of tea, it's a biggie this time!

Fulfilment Commencing!!

So it begins! 

  • UK and RoW shipping has already commenced, we're about 1/3 of the way through and everything should be despatched before the end of this week.
  • US delivery has landed with QML and fulfilment is commencing this week.
  • Asia delivery has been slightly delayed, please see below.

Did you go "Hall In" on Shadows of Kilforth? If so, your shipping box might look something like this (mine does)...

And here are some more photos from the fulfilment team here in the UK:

Now, I'm not saying that here at Hall or Nothing we make the most gorgeous games that the world has ever seen...

... but here at Hall or Nothing...

... we make...

... the most gorgeous games that the world has ever seen*! :P

*your mileage may very (but I hope it doesn't!)

Unpacking Video

And here's an unpacking video I put together just for you:

Kilforth Rules!!

Here they are in case you need to swot up before your game arrives:

Gloom of Kilforth: #48 in the Top 250 Solo Games

Check out this list as it has a shed load of other cool games in there too:

UK Games Expo 2020

We are absolutely chuffed to bits to support our favourite convention again this year UK Games Expo, so who's gonna be there? Be sure to come say hello if you are attending the expo - I'll be delighted to meet you, fist bump, blather about the Witcher, and just generally geek out with you! The Hall or Nothing booth will be on Kilforth Street (naturally), Stand 1-1016.

Asia Fulfilment Update

Here's the factory's official statement about the VFI Asia fulfilment:

"Due to the escalation of the Covid-19 Corona Virus situation, our production facility in Shenzhen will remain closed for an additional 2-3 weeks, likely until early March.
 This precautionary measure is being taken to reduce the chance of an infection happening to our team which could have much longer term consequences.
 Stopping the spread of the virus is a global issue and the local government has put in place a number of policies aimed at preventing the further spread of the virus including halting public transportation from affected areas and also asking companies for their cooperation in facilitating health checks for their staff.
 Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.
 Panda Game Manufacturing"

They also added:

“Our factory is still closed until early March. We slowly have people coming back, but I know that our warehouse team which is responsible for packing the shipments is not back yet.”

And we'll keep you up to date of any developments on this. FYI, this does not affect the UK/US/RoW shipments which are proceeding as scheduled.

Veilwraith play-through videos!

To tide you over whilst your games are being shipped out to you, here's some more info about our next game, which takes place after the world of Kilforth has fallen into gloom! Here are the teaser, Setup video, and play-through video, all in one convenient package for you:

Cheers guys, I cannot wait for you to open Shadows and get stuck in to all that Kilforthy goodness! :D

If you're sharing pics, photos, or videos be sure to tag us in any social media, and if you have any rules questions our veteran players are on hand to tackle them in our Facebook group here:

This will look new and familiar at the same time to many of you.

Tristan xx

Shadows of Kilforth - February 2020: "Unfinished Tales"
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Feb 05, 2020 at 01:07:50 AM

Hey hey, hope you're having a great day!

Those boats are inching ever closer to our hubs, but in the meantime there's a bunch of other stuff to talk about too...

Most Anticipated Game of 2020??

We are delighted that Shadows of Kilforth has followed in the footsteps of Gloom of Kilforth and has been nominated for Most Anticipated Games of 2020 and we would dearly love your click!

If you click and vote you'll be our best friend!

Shadows of Kilforth Future Small Box Expansion: "Unfinished Tales"

Remember those stretch goals that we did not hit during the campaign? Veil Door, Militiaman, Esteemed Turban, etc. There were another twenty or so cards too that I'd designed but that we didn't get to squeeze into the game, including some new heroes and sagas. We've had the opportunity to finish the art work and complete these cards and bundle them into a small box expansion called Shadows of Kilforth: New Tales (or Unfinished Tales - still deciding). 

The plan is to launch it later this year for what will probably be a week long Kickstarter with no stretch goals so keep your ears to the ground and we'll shout about it in the future - there's also a little more info in the Hall or Nothing January catch-up video at the end of this update.

Art from the unreleased "Injustice" card

UK + Rest of World only: Single Replacement Card for Adventures

If you ordered the Adventures expansion, AND you are from the UK/RoW (i.e. not Asia or US), this is just a heads-up that you will receive a single replacement "Duel Winner" Title card for a slight factory misprint. Simply swap the provided replacement card for the Duel Winner card in the Adventures expansion. If your shipping hub is US or Asia then this does not apply because Panda already caught the error before your games were shipped. 

Let's play Gloom of Kilforth 

Here's a play-through video of Gloom of Kilforth from T Man - Episode 1 "About friends and strangers":

Hall or Nothing 2020 Update

Finally, for those of you interested in what else we're up to this year here is my face talking stuff:

Until next time, be excellent to each other!

Tristan xx

Shadows of Kilforth - January 2020, Printing Complete + Rolling Solo!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 02:31:22 AM

Happy 2020 everyone!!

I hope your year is going to be utterly brilliant - we're already off to a great start... :)

Printing Complete - On the Boats in a few days!!

Printing is finally complete - huzzah! The games need to ship out from China to the worldwide hubs now, and this usually takes about 4-6 weeks, at which point they will be checked, packed and posted out by our fulfilment teams. Below are the tracking details of the ships so you can all follow along with their journeys whilst we wait...

PLEASE NOTE: the vessel arrival date is NOT the same as the fulfilment commencement date, as outlined below...

UK (+ RoW) Shipment:

  • MOL TRIUMPH / 012W
  • ETD: JAN-12
  • Approx. one week to be unloaded and go through customs.
  • A few days for delivery to be arranged.
  • A couple of days once the stock has arrived to check the stock, etc.
  • Fulfilment will begin within one to three weeks of the arrival date, based on the hub's schedule. 

US/Canada Shipment: 

  • ETD: JAN-13
  • This will work the same way as the UK hub but takes a bit longer for the delivery due to trucking times in the US.

Asia Shipment:

  • VFI will be handling Asia, and the games should arrive with them more quickly by land. 
  • The VFI orders ordinarily take 1-4 weeks to complete fulfilment once the stock, data and approval are confirmed.
  • We are still awaiting timescale confirmation from them but the games should be delivered alongside everyone else's.

All the above means the games will most likely be landing with backers in February/March!

Kilforth Rolling Solo!!

Shadows of Kilforth is a healthy number 12 in the Top Kickstarter campaigns of 2019 as voted for by the awesome Rolling Solo community - so huge thanks to those of you who voted! And if you haven't already joined the community Rolling Solo's Adam Smith is one of the coolest dudes in gaming so you should get involved...

Adam and I spent a lot of time hanging out at my first GenCon and we kinda hit it off from the outset...

I don't know what they drink in Canada but at 6'1" it's not often I'm made to feel like a short arse

Our next game adventure: Veilwraith!!

What happens when the heroes lose and the land of Kilforth falls into gloom??

Our next game delves into that question as you go beyond the Veil to discover what happens after the end of the world! You can subscribe to the game on BGG here:

Where possible I'll do my best to keep you informed of our upcoming games, but the best way to ensure that you don't miss out on any of our upcoming games is to pop your email address into our Subscriber List on our website home page here:

No spam nor filler, just updates on our games.

Have a brilliant 2020 everyone, let's absolutely smash it this year!

Tristan xx

Shadows of Kilforth, December 2019: Top 200 Solo Games, MPC + Printing Pics!!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 12:58:36 AM

G'day sports,

Hope you're all safe and snug and settling in for loads of top food and drink this Christmas. We pre-ordered our turkey from the local butcher today, which is just about the most organised we've ever been. Anywho...

Glooming up the Top 200 Solo Games!!

Yuss! Gloom of Kilforth is #47 in the 2019 People's Choice Top 200 Solo Games! Right behind one of my own favourites Kingdom Death: Monster, and way above some other monster titles too. That's the third year running that Gloom of Kilforth has been in the Top 50 Games and against incredibly stiff competition, so thanks so much to everyone who rated Gloom of Kilforth (which you can do on BGG if you haven't already). :)

Mass Production Copy is en route!!

As you know, printing is well underway, and the final checking step of this process is about to begin. The Mass Production Copy is on its way to me - and though we can stop the print run if absolutely necessary, this is the version of the game that you guys will be receiving too, so at this point it's about as final as it can be. If the MPC arrives before Christmas and I can approve everything before the holiday break we are on for completion of manufacturing in January, and we can start freight shipping. And to keep you going until then here are some glorious pics of the manufacturing process from Panda...

1565, St. Elmo's Pay off to the Printers too!

In an unprecedentedly fast move (for Hall or Nothing Productions) we've already submitted the files for 1565, St. Elmo's Pay now, so it's a great time to jump on if you'd like to grab yourself a copy of the game, which also includes the 3 Shadows of Kilforth promo cards:

Our most gorgeousest history game yet!

And that's all for now, have a brilliant holiday season peeps – I'm off to watch It's A Wonderful Life!

Tristan xx