Shadows of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game for 1-4 heroes

Created by Tristan Hall

RPG-based adventure card game of gothic high fantasy for 1-4 heroes, and sequel to the award winning Gloom of Kilforth by Tristan Hall

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Shadows of Kilforth, Day 23 - GoK Landing, Board Game Breakfast Live, MMU, BGG Awards!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 01:51:05 AM

Hi everyone!

Let's take a quick gander at those stats:

£112,096 pledged 1120% funded 1,965 backers 8 days to go!!

That's nearly two thousand backers - that's absolutely crackers! Fantastic work everybody, we are giddy as kippers with how this campaign is progressing and it's all thanks to you gorgeous folks. :D  Not long left to go now as the finish line looms ahead of us in the distance like the shadow of some ancient leering behemoth...


We were delighted to discover that Shadows of Kilforth was featured on The Dice Tower Network's Board Game Breakfast Live this week (at 21 mins, 53 secs):

And now, please join me whilst I take a step to the left for a side mission in this missive to talk a leetle bit about some of the other stuff we have going on at Hall or Nothing Productions right now...

Gloom of Kilforth Landing!

Yep, Gloom of Kilforth is finally landing with backers, and in case you were wondering why the link to buy it has disappeared from the Shadows of Kilforth Kickstarter campaign page we have now officially sold out of Gloom of Kilforth already! This obviously happened MUCH faster than we'd anticipated - even faster than the first print run in fact - as we were hoping to have copies with us to sell at UK Games Expo in a couple of months' time. Obviously if there is enough demand we are happy (nay, delighted!) to embark on a third print run for the game, so we will try to make pre-orders of Gloom of Kilforth + its expansions available in the pledge manager after this campaign. Hopefully this will mean we can do a smaller print run for Gloom of Kilforth at the same time as Shadows of Kilforth.

In the meantime copies of Gloom of Kilforth and its expansions are still flying out the door to our existing stalwart supporters as I type...

Hall or Nothing in the Community

Just wanted to highlight a story that Francesca and I are really proud of this week.  

These genius students at Manchester Metropolitan University have taken on our sophomore game 1066, Tears to Many Mothers as their course project to turn it from a card game into a video game app. It was their showcase at the university yesterday and they knocked it out of the park.  

Hall or Nothing Productions is super impressed, and so happy to have played a role in seeing such dedicated and talented young stars deliver this fantastic game in digital form! It's some way from a commercial release at this point but of course we'll keep you posted of any future developments...

BGG Awards 2018

And on the subject of 1066, the super hype BGG awards for 2018 are out hungrily hunting for nomination votes and as usual we're going to get eaten alive by the gigantical competition without your help! I can't overstate how much these types of nominations mean to us as an indie developer - it's a huge signal boost for us if we place, and that in turn allows us to keep on doing the thing that we love so much.

So a mahoossive thank you to everyone who already voted, and if you haven't already, please take a couple of clicks to show some love for your favourite card game, about war, and history, and Hastings, that was made by us, and is called 1066, Tears to Many Mothers... 

Simply click the link below and vote for 1066 under the "Wargame" and "2-player" game categories - a vote of 1 is totally amazing (whereas a vote of 10 is just absolutely awful):

1066, Tears to Many Mothers
1066, Tears to Many Mothers

1066, Tears to Many Mothers has not quite sold out yet, but we're getting close. For those of you who have asked the link here is still working should you wish to order it:

Back to business as usual for the next update - ciao for now!

Tristan xx

The Hall or Nothing Games Slate
The Hall or Nothing Games Slate

Shadows of Kilforth, Day 20 - Off The Table, Couch, GoK, and Keep On Rollin', Baby!
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 12:33:06 AM

Hi guys, how are we all doing?

Let's take a quick look at those super juicy stats:

Shadows of Kilforth: £108,605 pledged 1086% funded 1,900 backers 11 days to go!!!

For those of you old enough to remember classical music from the long distant human past...

Lovely stuff! This beast really does keep on rollin' - thank you to all of you who have pledged and shared and talked about us on social to keep this monster breathing. We only have ten days left to save the land so let's keep it going peoples!

GoK's Landing!

Gloom of Kilforth is being delivered as we speak and some lucky folks have already received their copies! More info in the GoK update here:


In other news Shadows of Kilforth was featured in Off The Table by the handsome devils at Cardboard Herald:

And some of you have asked about the infamous Couch of Death stretch goal. Well, it's not final yet, but here's a taste of what is to come...

Nice cuppa tea and a comfy couch for the grim reaper as he delivers Epic Difficulty Mode for SoK
Nice cuppa tea and a comfy couch for the grim reaper as he delivers Epic Difficulty Mode for SoK

That's all for now folks, see you at the next stretch goal!

Tristan xx

Gloom of Kilforth Day 16 - Playmat add-ons, GoK Stock, and six figures!!
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 02:18:41 AM

Hi peeps!

We did it - six figures!! Woo hoo!!!! (I have to be careful with the number of question marks here as Terry Pratchett rightly pointed out the correlation between the excessive use of exclamation marks and insanity...)

£102,821 pledged 1028% funded 1,838 backers 15 days to go!!

Thank you so much for your support, and to those of you who are upping your pledges for the super groovy playmats, and thank you also to all of our new backers who have been flocking in steadily over the last couple of weeks. You are most welcome here, one and all, and we cannot wait to immerse you in the dark embrace of the Shadows of Kilforth!

Who wants a Playmat?

There's been lots of discussion about these and yes, we can confirm that the Shadows of Kilforth playmats are fully compatible with Gloom of Kilforth too. 

Want to add an optional playmat or an add-on to your pledge? It's dead easy!

Simply hit Modify your pledge, and increase your pledge by the amount you'd like. e.g. if you'd like the World Playmat, just add £25 to your total pledge. You will still be able to do this in the pledge manager later too, but if you'd like to help us hit those extra stretch goals you can do this during the campaign ahead of time by pledging for them now.

Gloom of Kilforth Expansion Stock Is Low

I'd mentioned previously that we'd try to make any Gloom of Kilforth expansion stock we have left over available to you guys in the pledge manager, BUT we are now running out fast. We only have a limited number of bundles remaining for all three expansions: Dark Gloom, Pimp My Gloom, and Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters. If you don't want to miss out you can still use the link below to order them, but for the avoidance of doubt...

There is a possibility that there will be no Gloom of Kilforth expansions remaining by the time we launch the Shadows of Kilforth pledge manager.  Whilst stocks last you can still order the Gloom of Kilforth expansions at this link and they will be shipped out to you within the next few weeks:

When they're gone, they're gone. Note that these are the expansions for Gloom of Kilforth. They are not to be confused with the Shadows of Kilforth expansions (Dark Shadows, Pimp My Shadows, and Shadows of Kilforth: Adventures) which are new and unique to this Shadows of Kilforth Kickstarter campaign.

Gloom of Kilforth has finally started landing in the hands of our backers (Woo hoo!) so there's a wee bit of admin to see that all through smoothly and then it will be back to business as usual here. Keep those torches burning in the meantime, continue sharing and spreading the word about Shadows of Kilforth - it's you guys who are making this happen after all - keep those comments rolling in, and fear not the machinations of the Ancients, we shall hold fast against the rising tides of gloom, and together we shall prevail!


Tristan xx

PS. Here are some Location teasers to tide you over...

Not only gorgeously illustrated, some of the new Location cards also have brand new special abilities too...
Not only gorgeously illustrated, some of the new Location cards also have brand new special abilities too...

Shadows of Kilforth - Day 12, Location Tokens, New Classes, Airecon!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 01:37:57 AM

Well met, adventurers!

Where are we at now then?

£98,708 pledged 987% funded 1,757 backers 19 days to go!!!

Closing in steadily on that £100K Couch of Death! :D  For those of you wondering, back in the original GoK campaign, the font for 'Touch of Death' was misread by a mischievous few of our backers as 'Couch of Death' and these things tend to stick...

Anywho, I just want to thank you all again so much! This campaign has broken records for us and is already even more successful than three of our previous Kickstarters - we are so grateful to you for bringing us this far and we can't wait to see what happens before the end. :)

So what to discuss today then...

Location and Night Location tokens

Many of you have asked about the Location tokens. There will be 25 Location tokens and 25 Night Location tokens - below is a mock-up of some of them (final graphics may differ):

Once you have played Shadows of Kilforth a number of times you can use these tokens to bring a new level of variation to the game. You can also use them to combine Shadows of Kilforth with the previous game in the series (Gloom of Kilforth). In both games, many Reward cards - and Night cards - refer you to a specific location on the Map that is thematically linked to the card itself.  In the example cards below, the Clairvoyant ally can be discovered living in Spider Grove, and you can earn the Debt Payer title by visiting the Arid Ruins:

But if you want to use these cards in your games of Gloom of Kilforth you might not be using the 'Spider Grove' and 'Arid Ruins' Shadows of Kilforth location cards because you're using the alternative location cards from Gloom of Kilforth instead. In this case, whenever you draw a Reward card, simply draw a random Location token as well. The highlighted location on the token shows whereabouts on the Map the Reward card can be discovered.

Whenever your hero discovers a reward (i.e. brings it into play) you will show the Location token for the location you are currently at, then return the token to the random pile of Location tokens. This also gives you the added flexibility of having multiple location tokens - one for each reward in your hand - and deciding for yourself where each of your hero's rewards will be found.

Similarly, once you have played the game a few times (or if you want to use the Gloom of Kilforth Night deck with the Shadows of Kilforth location cards, for example) you can mix up the Night card effects too: Whenever you draw a Night card, draw a Night Location token to determine which location falls into gloom, instead of using the location listed on the card. This way you'll never know which location is affected by which Night card! You could even set aside the central location token before play begins to have the gloom descend all around you whilst Moneshoba Shrine (or Sprawl City) holds out valiantly against the darkness until the bitter end...

New Heroes Rising

Let's take a closer look at some of the new base game hero Classes featured in Shadows of Kilforth. All of these Classes will have access to their own new Class Skill trees in the game as they level up and complete the chapters of their all new sagas. Owners of Gloom of Kilforth will be able to add their existing Skill cards into the mix to double up the Skill options for their heroes.  

Yakuza - the Yakuza is the first of our new 'Rebel' type class. Rebels rely on a different skill set altogether to tackle and overcome encounters in the dangerous world of Kilforth, drawing from differing paths of influence and experience, meaning they have a whole new deck of Rebel skills to draw from. The Yakuza are raised in brutal environments that mean they need to be clever and sneaky to survive, as evidenced by their stats, but their main resource is the information and access provided to them by their huge network of spies and informants throughout the lands - as such they are able to sneak into almost any location.

Sorcerer - the sorcerer is the first hero class to suffer a negative ability. Educated in the arcane mysteries by their masters in secret and well outside of societal and social obligations, their great pride in their studies and their strong independence causes them to dismiss out of hand such mundane preconceptions as social standing and they refuse to acknowledge any Titles bestowed upon them. In gameplay terms this is offset by their incredible stat boosts, combining the super high Study of wizards with a Sneak bonus that helps them evade danger when they need to.

Samurai - The loyal Samurai are protectors of their masters and the common folk, following an honourable code of conduct which sees them well loved by the people throughout the eastern frontiers. This is reflected by their higher Influence, and their undeniable fighting capabilities allow them to draw from the more aggressive Martial Skill deck whilst also having a head start in their Fight attribute right out of the gate. Their life-long training and dedication to the art of meditation means they can recover from the rigours of battle much more quickly than other classes.

Chevalier - Drifting across the lands from the far west, the educated and charismatic Rosen Chevaliers are a mysterious order of noble and holy knights whose true purpose is not always know to the local populace. With this class players now have the option of joining this ancient order, whose devotion to their cause is as strong as their love for their steeds. Chevaliers begin the game with their very own powerful destrier, represented in the game by their Horsemanship ability. Veteran GoK players will agree that extra movement APs in the early game can provide an enormous boost to exploring the land. Couple their ranging ability with their higher Influence and Study and the Chevalier makes for a compelling new Pious hero class.

Airecon 2019

We had a fantastic time meeting and playing games with so many of you at Airecon this weekend. Francesca and I are still recovering from the emotional highs of talking and playing games all day long - thank you so much to everyone who took the time out to visit our stand and for all the really lovely things you had to say about our games and Francesca's music. You guys really make these conventions for us and we can't wait to see as many of you as we can again at UK Games Expo and GenCon later this year. It was a great novelty for us to actually have copies of 1066, Tears to Many Mothers to sell too! 

And that's all for now, peeps!

See you in the comments - keep your questions and chitchat rolling in and I'll respond personally as soon as I'm able to. And don't forget to tell us Why You Backed! :D

Take care y'all,

Tristan xx

Shadows of Kilforth Day 6
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 12:52:26 AM

Greetings Folks, I trust this missive finds you all well!

Now that we've got a little time to unpack what has happened after that epic opening weekend let's take a look at the stats first, and then drill down a little more into some of the stuff new to Shadows of Kilforth...

£87,481 pledged of £10,000 goal 1,569 backers 25 days to go!!

As a two-person team it's impossible for us to keep pace with the various other multi-million dollar enterprises on offer in the tabletop world right now, so let's keep it going peeps - we need all the help we can get from you guys to spread the word and share the love by tweeting, facebooking, instragramming, and generally hollering about the game!

Wotcher peeps!

Or should that be: Watcher, peeps?? Let's take a quick look at the first extra Stretch Goal Race that you guys unlocked...

The Watchers are a mysterious, ancient race with shared human ancestry, but gifted with a terrible curse. Watchers can see beyond the veil, through time and into the distant past or future, and into unseen realms where dwell gods and beings beyond human ken. Tradition dictates that they cover their blackened eyes with bandages to stem their terrible visions lest they lose their minds.

As with all the Race art in Gloom of Kilforth and Shadows of Kilforth you can play as either image, just flip the card over to your preferred side:

In terms of gameplay, this allows Watchers to break one of the main game rules of the game, which is to start the game with 5 Fate tokens instead of just 4. This gives them a more confident early game as it behoves Watchers to play their Fate wherever possible to try to rack up those vital Keywords ever more quickly. They also possess the perhaps even more powerful ability to ignore Surprise from enemies, since they can see them coming. This means Watchers can afford to spend less time Hiding early on - as we usually advise all starting heroes to do - though they will still gain the benefits of Surprise against their foes should they actually choose to hide.

Okay, that's all for now until you guys go ahead and unlock that next stretchie...

Ciao, peeples!

Tristan xx